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Thank All the Gods Ted Lasso Is Back and It’s Still Ted Lasso

I just finished watching season two episode 1 of Ted Lasso, “Goodbye Earl,” and I’m here to spread the good news: It’s still Ted Lasso.

That was my overarching concern. Ted Lasso was The Gist’s #1 Show of 2020 and, to me, at least, did more paradigm breaking than any comedy in recent memory.

But it was the feel of the show that really set it apart. Experiential, honest, thoughtful. Kind. You left each episode with a warm feeling and couldn’t wait to get back into the world.

And that’s how Ted Lasso season two begins. Of course we knew there would be new characters introduced, new storylines and new relationships, so would they muck up that delicate, precious balance that makes Ted Lasso wonderful?

Verdict: No.

There are new faces and there are new storylines, but it’s still Ted Lasso. You don’t have to worry. You don’t have to wait to see if Twitter takes a big dump on it and people declare that the magic is gone.

The magic isn’t gone. The magic is fully intact.

Take a deep breath. It’s gonna be all right.

Everything is going to be all right.

Also, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. Roy’s beard is thicker.

Full recap coming tomorrow.

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