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Explore the World (And Beyond) With Plex Live TV

Cold winters sure do make the urge to travel super strong. But since that’s not possible for everyone for a variety of reasons — and, boy, do I feel you — it’s not a bad idea to find another way to “travel”. Like using the internet to watch some travel TV, for example.

Plex Live TV has plenty of nature and travel channels that can inspire you to make plans for a trip, learn more about the Earth, and enjoy some beautiful scenery. Bring the kids along if you’d like; some of these channels are nice and family-friendly.


JOURNY is more than just a travel channel showing off beautiful locations — it also features the human side of these places, highlighting cultures and exploring tourists’ roles as global citizens. Programming includes shows like On Safari and Travel Man.

Plex also has a special JOURNY’s Bourdain All Day channel with a non-stop stream of Anthony Bourdain shows for big fans of the late chef. Bourdain was well-known for his passion for international dishes and the cultural stories behind them.


The Earth is an ever-present part of our lives, whether we’re conscious of it or not. But it’s also a changing part of our lives. Pattrn is a unique channel that takes a look at those changes.

Powered by the folks behind The Weather Channel, this channel features programming that educates audiences, explores distant locations, and elevates the people trying to make a difference in the world.


If the names Jack Hanna, Jeff Corwin, and Mo Rocca ring a nostalgic bell in your mind, then this channel is for you. Xplore boasts a lineup focused on travel, wildlife, pets, life sciences, and exploration. You might be able to catch the celebs listed above as hosts for some of these shows (and feel old in the process). Check the schedule on Plex for more details.

Space Channel

I know this list is mostly about the Earth, but we can’t deny that space tourism has become a greater possibility lately. Right now, it seems to be limited to wealthy people who can afford it. But maybe us Average Joes will get a chance someday.

Until that day, we can prepare (or fuel our imaginations) by learning more about our solar system. The Space Channel can help with this by giving you a taste of the wonders of space. There are plenty of shows that educate viewers about planets, report on the latest in space news, and explore the future of space tourism.


This family-friendly channel features wildlife and wildlife only. WildEarth is a 24/7 broadcast of naturalists hosting safaris in Africa. With their expertise, they provide educational information on different animals and plants, and teach how both keep the local ecosystem in balance.

If you or someone you know loves penguins, definitely check out the show Penguin Beach to see what life in a South African penguin colony is like.


GoTraveler broadcasts a collection of professional travel shows covering tourist locations, national parks, cultures, and food from all around the world. Shows include Laura McKenzie’s Traveler, America’s National Parks, Great Destinations, and Anthony Bourdain’s A Cook’s Tour.

MagellanTV Now

If you’re looking for something more educational, then this is your next stop. MagellanTV Now is all about showing documentaries and special features that can enthrall and awe audiences.

This channel features a variety of documentaries, so not everything in the schedule will be about nature. But, more often than not, you’ll likely find something about nature or science during the day. Check the scheduling on Plex Live TV for a heads up on what’s showing next.

Love Nature

Here’s another family-friendly channel for the kids to enjoy! Remember those old Discovery Channel shows that featured numbered lists of “Most Extreme Predators” or “Most Extreme Animal Babies”? I was hooked on those as a child. Now, your kids can find shows like that on Love Nature — along with a bunch of other programming that can educate viewers of all ages about the world they live in.

Stingray Naturescape

After all that learning and (digital) exploring, it’s time to just chill. Stingray Naturescape features peaceful scenes of nature set to the tune of calming music. This is another good one to watch with the kids or play in the background during the day. The tropical visuals in particular are much appreciated during these chilly winter nights.

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