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Celebrate Christmas 24/7 with These Plex Picks

‘Tis the season to play Christmas music and movies all day in your home and Plex is here to help. I’m talking non-stop, unabashedly jolly, cheesy-but-fun lyrics filtering through your speakers from morning to night. Jingle bells jingling for so long you begin to hear them in your dreams.

Check it out for yourself with the Plex picks listed below.

Christmas Classics

The Christmas Classics channel features hours of non-stop, old-school Christmas movies ranging from the sincere to the delightfully corny. Stop here to find timeless classics like Scrooge (1935) and the infamously weird Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (1964).

Gravitas Holiday

Gravitas Movies becomes Gravitas Holiday for the season as the channel hosts a bunch of TV films flavored with a Christmas twist. If you just wanna chill with some cheesy romance dramas, and don’t mind a touch of awkwardness that keeps the movies from getting too serious, then check out this channel on Plex.

Stingray Naturescape

Stingray Music’s Naturescape channel is bringing a 24-hour yule log burning all through December. The ambient sounds of a crackling fireplace are perfect for a peaceful mood. Pair it with some hot cocoa and get comfy for a moment of Zen.

Greatest Holiday Hits

Peace and quiet is well and good, but the holidays are also about the Christmas jams. What better way to celebrate the season than by giving your home that holiday shopping mall vibe, am I right? Stingray Music’s Greatest Holiday Hits is here to help with a constant stream of Christmas tunes.

Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights brings a full course meal of images, songs, and fireplaces to the holiday table. This is the channel to choose if you want a mix of everything — quiet fireplaces, fireplaces with music, songs, and songs with wintery pictures.

Hot Country Christmas

Country music gets its own channel with Stingray Music’s Hot Country Christmas channel. If you love country music, this is your time to shine. If you hate it, drag others into your misery by blasting this through your speakers all day.

Christmas Puppies

Christmas Puppies is a movie that’s nothing but cute dogs doing cute doggy things to the tune of Christmas jingles. Not all of them are puppies exactly — but, then again, even good ol’ dogs are puppies at heart. So they totally count. If you’ve got kids — or pets that watch TV! — this is a really charming and harmless one to play on repeat for them.

Christmas Yule Log Fireplace

This is a lovely, hour-long movie of a very well-decorated fireplace and a furiously burning log. There’s no music, but the fire in this Christmas Yule Log Fireplace has so much energy that it stands out from the other log-burning channels. Put this one on repeat for a fire that is more likely to pique your inner pyromaniac rather than set you up for a relaxing evening.

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