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John Brown Spiers

John is a former academic and lifelong overthinker. He's written many short things and abandoned many long ones. He grew up in the Midwest, currently lives in the South, and would get lost in a different forest every day if he could. He is trying very hard.


Like a parent keeping presents away from a child's prying eyes, Black Christmas does a lot of hiding in plain sight.


The 1935 Scrooge is the earliest surviving adaptation of A Christmas Carol, and one of the wonkiest. How wonky is it? Let us count...


The 1970 Christmas musical Scrooge gets Ebenezer drunk on human kindness, then drops him into a fiery afterlife.


It's A Wonderful Life ends happy, but not before passing through some very dark places. And it has more in common with noir than...


Acapulco's 1980s setting is the most colorful, charming show on TV. Its present-day scenes are holding something back.