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Que Tenga Una Navidad Más Feliz Con Estas Películas en Plex

There’s definitely no shortage of Christmas programming to fill your days & nights this holiday season. Y si prefieras a ver en español, Plex le puede ayudar también. Plex ofrece muchos canales españoles para su entretenimiento de la Navidad; aquí presentamos sólo una selección pequeña. And everything here is airing on Christmas Day itself.

Cine Real
Among EE.UU. audiences, Cine Real is probably best known for its wide selection of shows and films from Latin America. For example, one of its most popular fixtures is the Mexican standby Vecinos, currently in its sixteenth (!) season, created by legend and Gist favorite Eugenio Derbez. (Seriously, if you haven’t watched Acapulco yet, please do yourself a huge favor and binge it.)


This Christmas, Cine Real’s programming includes Los 12 Perros de la Navidad, a Spanish-language dub of the 2005 holiday movie The 12 Dogs of Christmas. It’s rated G, which means it’s perfect for any and all family members who want to watch. It’s also got a ridiculous premise (“Un pueblo que ha prohibido los perros?” Come on, now), meaning you & your family can appreciate the absurdity of it all *and* really revel in your disgust for the dog-hating mayor. Plus, maybe someone in your family is getting a puppy for Christmas! Put this movie on, then bring the dog out as the day’s final gift.

Top Cine
Top Cine bills itself as more of a cosmopolitan channel, promising “una selección premium de series y películas de todo el mundo, incluyendo éxitos nunca vistos en los EE. U.U. y América Latina.” Sin dudo, nunca he visto esta película de la Navidad: La Peor Navidad de Mi Vida, an Italian production released in 2012. (For anyone out there learning Italian, the original title was Il Peggior Natale Della Mia Vita. So, not too far off from the Spanish.)

La Peor Navidad follows the crazy mishaps of Paolo, the hapless husband of Margherita and son-in-law of Giorgio and Clara, who descend upon the parents’ castle for what’s supposed to be a magical Christmas getaway. Except that Paolo seems to bring “incredible disasters” with him wherever he goes — like, for example, crashing his car into a mountainside bar on a snowy, icy night.


La Peor Navidad de Mi Vida appears to be a sequel to 2011’s La Peor Semana de Mi Vida. It seems unlikely that you need to have seen the first movie to appreciate the second. But, should that turn out to be the case, come up with an impromptu drinking game and make a holly-jolly time of it.

It will come as no surprise to learn that Chiquilines is Plex’s most kid-friendly channel, Spanish-language or otherwise. If you want a network that gives your kids something both “divertida y educativa,” Chiquilines is your jam. And their Christmas offering is probably the most heart-warming of any of Plex’s placeres españoles.

Carta al Niño Dios, like so many Christmas movies, winds up being an exercise in familiar themes presented in a new way. The 2014 movie follows Rubén, a stressed-out father who wants nothing more than to get his son, Rubéncito, el regalo que el niño pidió en la carta del título. (En esta película, el regalo más esquivo es una bicicleta.)

No one believes Rubén can pull this off: not “su exesposa Mireya; [ni] el novio de ella, Renzo; [ni] y su mejor amigo, el Cura Raúl.” So of course the movie becomes a journey not just for Rubéncito’s gift, but for Rubén himself: el “vivirá la más maravillosa prueba de amor y comprobará que el niño Dios existe donde la magia de los corazones hace posible lo imposible.”

And, as is also so often the case with Christmas movies, a lot comes down to chemistry. So, if you like watching Colombian actors Antonio Sanint and Damian Maldonado playing father and son–


–you’re in for a wonderful time. Also worth pointing out: Carta al Niño Dios is the only one of these three movies filmed in Spanish. Ultimately, your choice may come down to whether you’re in the mood for comical overdubs or a more straightforward presentation. Regardless, Plex tiene lo que quiere ver.

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