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Ted Lasso Cast, Episodes, Quotes, and Reviews

Ted Lasso is the hit comedy series from AppleTV+ that took the world by storm in 2020. We were way ahead of the curve back then, naming it as our Top Show of 2020. Ted Lasso is near and dear to our hearts at The Gist, and we know it is for you, too. That’s why we made this page to keep all of our Ted Lasso writing in one, easy-to-remember place. We want you to find your tribe here, dish about your fan theories, and generally know that this is a protected corner of the internet where The Lasso Way is alive and well. Will we always agree? Probably not. But if Ted and Rebecca are any example, that’s where there’s room for both sides to grow.


So, welcome! Stay. Read. Comment. We love Roy and Keeley and Coach Beard as much as you do. Let’s believe together. Let’s be goldfish together and let’s root for AFC Richmond ’til we die! Go Greyhounds!

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