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Vintage Ben Affleck, Illegal Sprinkles, Nazi Theme Bar, and Other Rabbit Holes

Sprinklegate is the only kind of scandal I am interested in. (The Mary Sue)


If you’ve bought chicken in the past year, you’re entitled to collect money in a class action lawsuit. This does not include halal, kosher, organic, or free range chicken. Sorry Muslims, Jews and everyone in Silver Lake. (USA Today)

William Shatner flew into space in a phallic rocket ship and Prince William is not having it. Some would say he’s having “penis envy”… I’ll see myself out. (CNN)

I just watched Community for the first time and WTF you guys, how come no one told me Joel McHale is hot? Has he always been hot? Do we not take him seriously because he’s funny and talented? Beautiful people have it hard sometimes. Also what does this show have against Jim Belushi? Anyway, is this Community movie adaptation really happening? (Newsweek)

There’s a Nazi theme bar in Osaka, Japan called Unfair. I’m offended for obvious reasons but also Unfair is a really stupid name for any bar. Just adding insult to injury here. (Kotaku)

Start prepping for the fights with your racist uncle over Thanksgiving dinner with Pod Save The People with DeRay Mckesson. (Plex)

Did you know you can create a cool Halloween charcuterie board by adding Halloween props to a regular charcuterie board? Don’t say I never taught you anything. (TikTok)

I have to be at least 2 hours early to the airport. Nothing happened to me as a child. Unless you count immigration and the debilitating anxiety of your family missing their flight to seek asylum in America. I don’t. I just really hate the hassle of airports and love trolling the stores for giant Toblerone bars.

Behind every great Ben Affleck, there’s a J-Lo reminding him he’s just Benny from the block. Looking forward to basking in the glory of Vintage Ben in The Tender Bar directed by George Clooney. (Pajiba)

Best of Megan Fox and MGK “I am weed” memes. (Buzzfeed)

SpongeBob Squarepants is getting in on NFTs but we don’t know which properties are being minted yet. Also I don’t understand a word of that sentence I just wrote. (Variety)

In honor of Adele’s new single “Easy On Me” dropping, let’s remember why we fell in love with her by singing off key in our showers to this playlist. (Plex)

My favorite new activity before bed is to troll Steve Harvey for all the memes his outfits inspire. (Rolling Out)

Joanne Lee Molinaro, known as The Korean Vegan, quit her firm after 17 years to focus on her passion of immortalizing her family’s Korean legacy through food. She is every immigrant parent’s dream child. (Time Out)

How did Halloween go from sacrificing livestock to Celtic demons in the Irish “hell caves” to me walking around the neighborhood in my annual onesie leopard costume whisper-yelling “get the mini KitKats” to my son? (National Geographic)

I’m not Mexican so can someone qualified confirm whether this is a hate crime?

Far Cry 6 review for those of you who are not stressed out enough by the real world and need an anxiety booster. (IGN)

Speaking of anxiety, meet these species of butterflies that are full of wasps which are full of microwasps and whose superior flying skills have helped them survive for 30 years. You’re dead to me, Finland. (Atlas Obscura)

Here’s your palate cleanser.


As someone with a Persian mom, it makes sense to me that Arian Moayed’s mom is not impressed with his role as Stewie in the very successful HBO drama, Succession. It just means he failed at being a doctor or lawyer. (NY Post)

I am in absolute awe of the hoops Cameron Wilson jumped through to find Clickhole’s “The Worst Person You Know” man just to learn that he actually is kind of the worst. (Slate)

Anna Park’s art had me at “End of the World.” Someone Venmo me thousands of dollars please. (ArtNet)

“If a blind person hates you, they hate you as a person” and other deep shower thoughts by this mensch. (Bored Panda)

Cue your cold showers, everyone. Red Notice is a new sexy ass action comedy dropping on Netflix November 12 starring Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot. (Mashable)


I don’t know about this. I’ve been hiding from the spotlight for 30-something years and I’m still not happy, but OK. (The Atlantic)

This is a bizarre thread unraveling how the 19-year-old BeansHype married the sugar daddy of all sugar daddies, 89-year-old Lee Hopkins.

Ted Lasso gave us shortbread biscuits, and Squid Game gave us Dalgona, a sugar candy. We’re all getting diabetes and it’s worth it. (TikTok)

My goal this Halloween is to stop being a liar and finally watch The Little Shop of Horrors.

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Took two years to finally find this elk and remove this tire around its neck and he doesn’t seem to give any fucks about it. (My Modern Met)

Starburst C4 energy drink is a thing now. Honestly it’s as if all the hard work Michelle Obama did making us plant carrots didn’t even happen. (Nerdist)

Remember that shredded Banksy “Girl With Balloon” painting that originally sold for $1.4 million? It was retitled “Love Is in the Bin” and sold for $25.4 million. What a time to be alive and poor. (Washington Post)

I wish these Nihilistic Password Security Questions were not a joke. I’d actually have an easier time recovering my passwords if questions were more like “In what year did you abandon your dreams?” (McSweeneys)

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