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Name That Flick: Nicole Kidman Edition

Okay, you know the game! I start listing actors in a film and you tell me the film. For anyone born before like 1983, it’s basically Name That Tune, but instead of notes, we use humans. Got it? Okay! Let’s do this.

Nicole Kidman. Once upon a time she was the bombshell from Days of Thunder. Now, after escaping that particular chapter of her life, everything she touches turns to gold! (Almost everything, anyway…)

Awrite awrite awrite! The next actor is none other than Dazed and Confused’s own Wooderson himself, Matthew McConaughey.

It’s not Contact? No! That was Jodie Foster, not Nicole Kidman. Maybe it was The Newton Boys! Let’s keep going.

The next actor is the legendary Scott Glenn.

MMMMMMMmmmmmmm mmmmm. Love me some Scott Glenn. He’s good in everything.

The next actor is John Cusack.

That kind of throws a wrench into the works, doesn’t it? Totally seems incongruous with the actors before him. Want to make it more difficult? How about David Oyelowo.

If you don’t have it yet, this probably won’t help you. But it might.

Zac Efron.

Aaaaaaaand that’s it! The answer is…

The Paperboy.

That’s a hell of a cast for this Lee Daniels film. And you can watch it right now, for free, on Plex.

The Paperboy

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Texas born and raised but Miami is my current home. I like sharp edges, especially when they're on people. Eternally searching for the best omelette, the best roller coaster and the best adult animation.

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