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Welcome to “The Gist”

Heyyo! Welcome to “The Gist” – a place to see what’s streaming on Plex, conveniently curated into themes based on your mood. To paraphrase the old proverb about parenting, the lists are short but the posts are long. Dive deep into movies about heists (3 of them starring Morgan Freeman!), or see early movies by some of today’s heavyweight filmmakers, as well as discover comedy gold. So take a moment and discover some hidden gems, rare finds, and old favorites. As always feel free to express your opinion in the comment section. Because these posts are written by real humans for real humans, we ask that you put your kindness britches on and engage in fun debate about the movies and shows, regardless of whether you hate them, love them, or love to hate them.

While not all titles will be available in every county that Plex streams to (lawyers, amirite?), the conversation is universal — and like our movies and TV shows — free. So dive in, stream hard, and have fun.

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