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Tom Hanks Saves His Dog, Jesus Baby Shark, Pretzel Beer, and Other Rabbit Holes

I can’t believe I have to say this, but ladies please don’t put crystal eggs in your vaginas. (Cleveland Clinic)

Enjoy Larry David’s impersonation of my son watching me try on dresses at Bloomingdales.


Facebook is at that age where it doesn’t give a fuck what anyone thinks of it and is cool being just creepy and weird. (Buzzfeed)

Rapper Dan Sur has gold chains in his head instead of hair. It’s crazy but he never has to buy shampoo again so who’s the real weirdo here? Still him. (The Jasmine Brand)

Castello de Vezio is a castle located in Northern Italy where tourists use chalk to create these beautiful ghost sculptures. Of all the weird things tourists do abroad, I prefer this. (Street Art Utopia)

I wish I was as committed to something as this guy is to this Grampa Simpson quote he tattooed on his leg.

Say goodbye to your loved ones because there are 61 new video games that deserve your time and attention more. (The Gist)

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, Mattel has launched a Celia Cruz and Julia Alvarez Barbie doll. (Remezcla)

Are you tired of multitasking? Presenting, Pretzel beer. (Nerdist)

I’m desperate for some winter vibes, so I’m going to turn up the air, wear a Christmas sweater and watch It’s A Wonderful Life. (Plex)

It’s A Wonderful Life

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A Spanish bishop who supported conversion therapy and performed exorcisms has left the church after falling in love with Satanic erotic fiction writer Silvia Caballol. (New York Post)

On a different note, this Virgin Mary shark gave birth while in an all-female tank. You win some, you lose some to satanic erotica. (Live Science)

Much-overdue Janet Jackson documentary is coming to A&E and Lifetime in January. (Pitchfork)

Here’s a Janet Jackson playlist to cover all the moods. (Plex)

What’s funnier than Norm McDonald’s moth joke is the story behind it.

May we all be as resilient as this sunflower in the face of hardship. Amen. (TikTok)

As if candy corn isn’t bad enough in its original form (fight me), it now comes in turkey dinner flavor. (Delish)

Architect and designer Frank Gehry is back on his bullshit with this 11,000 stainless steel panel form-shifting tower in France. (My Modern Met)

The podcast Every Horror Movie on Netflix is exactly what it sounds like. Review of every horror movie on Netflix in alphabetical order. Not like any of us have anywhere to be. (Plex)

Take this quick quiz to learn where your next vacation destination should be and then stay at home because you’re broke and there’s a pandemic. (Thrillist)

If your quiz says you’re Norway bound, hit up this “vacation” cabin where a witch will definitely bake you in the oven after she feeds you organic non-GMO gluten-free porridge. (Rarestays)

The sociopaths behind The Activist have changed it from a sadistic reality show to a probably still sadistic docuseries. (The Hollywood Reporter)

You can finally view weird objects like the Dude costume from The Big Lebowski at the new Academy Museum in Los Angeles. I swear this better be worth the traffic on Santa Monica. (Los Angeles Times)

Diana the Musical is coming to Netflix in October, ahead of its opening on Broadway in November, for those of you who feel The Crown just doesn’t have enough singing and jazz hands. (People)

The one good thing that came from Mulaney and Tendler’s divorce is her depressingly beautiful art series, Rooms in the First House, which is going up for sale at The Other Art Fair in Los Angeles this month. (Instagram)

A deep and necessary dive into what the Godfather sandwich is and isn’t. (Taste Cooking)

This strip club Halloween display is inspiring. (TikTok)

This new Iranian thriller Zalava takes place in a Kurdish in town in 1978 where science and superstition clash. You know, like today in America. (Variety)

You’ve Got Mail definitely ends with Kathleen reading a children’s book in the nook of Joe Fox’s mega bookstore and you can’t convince me otherwise with your facts and reliable sources, Dustin. Nice try. (Pajiba)

This cooler is produced from recycled coconut husks so the Earth doesn’t have to burn to the ground just so you can keep your White Claws cool. (Core 77)

Season 3 of You premiers October 15 and the trailer alone is making my marriage look boring af. We really need to take up murdering or something to keep this marriage alive.


Not sure what kind of mobile game The Office is but I hope there’s a run-Jim-Halpert-over option. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Tom Hanks’ new movie Finch is raising a lot of questions, like is Finch the dog, Tom, or the robot? (Uproxx)


Amazon is going to pay college tuition for some warehouse employees starting in January and they are going to be very smug and proud of themselves for doing the minimum. (Engadget)

Protip: just be lazy and buy the challah like a normal person for this French toast recipe. (TikTok)

I’ll go as far as buying my brother a 15 dollar birthday cake from a local grocery store. I hope he never sees what this sister did for her brother and start having expectations.

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