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Helen Mirren Blesses the SAG Awards and PEN15 in Particular

Helen Mirren is an absolute goddess, and the only other people on Earth who can match her for bawdiness, wit, and the ability to turn men to stone with their steely gaze are Judi Dench and Meryl Streep. Why has nobody made a Charlie’s Angels movie with these three yet?

Last night, Dame Helen graced the SAG Awards broadcast looking like a queen and offering us some pearls of knowledge:

Good advice for life in general:

Know how to put wildlife in its place:

Have good taste in comedy TV:

Twitter approves of that last one, and rightfully so. Have you seen PEN15? It’s hilariousness defies description. Go and binge it immediately.

Oh, and also a bunch of people won awards. Amazing actors, one and all, but let’s give a special shoutout to these people and this achievement:

On to the Oscars!

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