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Giant Trolls, Legally Blonde 3, and Other Rabbit Holes

If climate change isn’t real then explain this chicken wing shortage. (Vox)

I will never ever get over this weird relationship between Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg. I don’t hate it. But I also don’t get it. (TikTok)

For a not-so-small fee, “Rage Coach” Randy Spelling will teach you how not to be a dick to your employees because basic common sense and manners are very hard for some men in the workforce. (Hollywood Reporter)

I’ll be honest. No way in hell I’m trying this Swedish coffee contraption where you use a whole egg AND shells. But this is for you brave souls. (Huffingtonpost)

Am I the only loser who didn’t know Legally Blonde 3 is coming May 2022? (Cafemom)

Every couple reboot on this list is better than Bennifer. Fingers crossed for a Jeffeena reunion. (Pajiba)

Do you fantasize about being launched into space so you can just chill in a spacecraft not worrying about school drop-off or groceries? Me too. Here’s what astronauts are up to on weekends in space. (Smithsonian Magazine)

You’ve all probably watched that ungodly viral Prego spaghetti hack on counter video by now. For a palate cleanse, I present to you, the Assassin’s Spaghetti by The Pasta Queen.

I can’t rationalize it, but after a full day of doomscrolling and watching the world burn down on the news, I like to cozy up to some traumatizing ghost stories on Haunted Places podcast. (Plex)

I know what I’m doing this weekend. Making rice popcorn (or whatever this is called). I really hope it’s real. (TikTok)

I will never for the life of me understand why people want their video games to look so real. Do you enjoy driving that much in real life? Do you fantasize about winding down after a long day of driving by playing a game where you navigate through the deathtrap that is the Wilshire and Westwood intersection? If yes, check out the ridiculous photorealism of Grand Theft Auto V. (Kotaku)

Giant novelty sized decor is back, bitches. (Vice)

I kid you not when I say I did not know funnel cakes were called that because they’re made using… a funnel. And it’s so easy. (Food Network)

Rihanna music video vixen Mads Mikkelsen shows a different, non-villainy side to himself in The Hunt and he does not disappoint (has he ever though?). (Plex)

The Hunt

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I’m told these giant troll sculptures in Maine are “benevolent.” (NPR)

Tina Turner, Jay-Z, and Foo Fighters were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this week. I know what you’re thinking. What took them so long to induct Turner? It’s her second time. First time was in 1991 with Ike Turner. But still. Should have happened sooner. (Tidal)

What fresh hell is Skittles up to? I 100% agree with the sentiment, but greyscale is rarely the correct answer to questions of inclusivity. Or any questions, really. (Twitter)

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Orly Minazad is freelance writer and regrets it every day of her life. She moved to the States from Iran in 1991 with her family seeking better opportunities only to waste them earning a Masters in Professional Writing degree from USC which no longer exists, cost a lot of money and for which she has nothing to show. No, she is not bitter at all. Why do you ask? Oh you didn't, ok. She lives with her husband and son in Los Angeles where she spends the day loading and unloading the dishwasher.

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