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Five Women-Led Shows Premiering in Early June That Look Great

Shows come and go, but there are a few new, very promising-looking shows airing in the first two weeks of June that could be interesting. The first is about an all-girl Muslim band and the second is about a woman realizing she lives in a cheesy network sitcom where she isn’t the main character. The third is about a woman going into rehab after a rocky relationship ends, the fourth is about Juno Temple dancing the lambada, and the last is about Julianne Moore ramping up the creepiness in a Stephen King world. Lots of great choices to pick from.

June 3rd – We Are Lady Parts – Peacock

This looks fantastic. I’m hoping it’ll fill the music-sized hole in my heart left by the criminal cancellation of High Fidelity.

June 4th – Feel Good, Season 2 – Netflix

If you haven’t seen the whip smart, 6-episode first season, please do so! It’s only three hours of your time! Season two looks to continue in that vein.

June 4th – Lisey’s Story – Apple TV+

From the twisted mind of Stephen King comes Julianne Moore in a story that looks creepy as hell. But Apple TV+ has been hitting everything out of the park lately, so maybe this is the next big thing.

June 6th – Little Birds – Starz

If the number of people who swooned over Sam Heughan’s bod in Outlander is any indication, Starz has a line on earnest, tasteful erotica/mom porn. Juno Temple of Ted Lasso fame stars in this story of hot-ass loving in a forbidden time. Come for the smolder, stay for the body painting.

Warning: depending where you work, this clip may not be SFW!

June 13th – Kevin Can F*ck Himself – AMC+

The distinction between a goofy network sitcom and a dark thriller in the same show is an amazing concept. I’ve been looking forward to this for months.

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