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Succession Cast, Episodes, Quotes, and Reviews

Succession on HBO is the viciously funny story of the powerful Roy family–media mogul Logan Roy, his children, their spouses, and other hangers-on who all want to be the next to take Logan’s throne. The scandal-ridden Roys are a widely despised family, but they despise one another even more. This multiple award-winning show features an amazing cast including Brian Cox and Holly Hunter, and here at The Gist we love to hate them all! We’re gathering our takes on Succession all in one place and can’t wait for you to join the conversation about the Roy family’s betrayals, reversals of fortune, and delicious scheming.



In last night’s episode of Succession, “What It Takes,” Mr. Roy went to Washington. Or, more accurately, Virginia. Or, to quote Kendall, “Nuremberg, Virginia.”...

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