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Name That Flick: Justin Theroux Edition

A friend on Insta was poking fun at me saying that my Name That Flicks are too hard and that she hasn’t gotten a single one yet. Okay, this one’s for you, gurl! Out with the obscure! This week we’re going straight hotness. This was a huge, big budget movie that was hyped for half a year in every market. If you don’t guess it by the middle, I’m almost certain you’ll get it by the end.

(For new folks: I list actors, you guess the film.)

Hotness. Smoking, unfair amount of hotness in this post.

Let’s go!

Justin Theroux

Eric Bogosian

Demi Moore

Luke Wilson

Matt LeBlanc

John Cleese

Shia LaBeouf

Rodrigo Santoro

Robert Patrick

Crispin Glover

Get it yet? C’mon fam! You can do it! Do these guys help? (They may help you date the film…)

John Forsythe

Bernie Mac

Anything? Okay, here’s the last three. This should be a total giveaway!

Cameron Diaz

Drew Barrymore

Lucy Liu

And the movie is…


Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle

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Texas born and raised but Miami is my current home. I like sharp edges, especially when they're on people. Eternally searching for the best omelette, the best roller coaster and the best adult animation.

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