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Name That Flick: Jeffrey Wright Edition

We’ve had a number of these Name That Flicks, and when I was researching this I realized that all of our headliners have been women so far. So, thought I, why not mix it up and give the men a go? To that end, we begin with a beautiful man, inside and out, an actor of profound skill and gravity, who seems to take even the smallest roles and imbue them with magic and honesty. I give you the one, the only, Jeffrey Wright. Mmmm. Those kind eyes. What a snack.

And let’s pair him with another beautiful, talented person. The captivating Thandie Newton.

Westworld! What is Westworld, Alex? Awww. I just realized in typing that now there’s a whole generation of kids who won’t know who Alex Trebek was. ::Heavy Sigh::

I’ll cheer myself up by adding James Cromwell to the game.

Any idea yet? Last week was quite challenging, so I thought I’d go easier this week and now I’m not sure that I have. Let’s add a quick three-shot and see if it helps.

Jason Ritter.

Rob Corddry.

And Richard Dreyfuss.

That should pretty much give it away, right? No? Not yet? Okay here’s three more.

Stacy Keach.

Scott Glenn.

And Colin Hanks.

I’m seeing that this feels very random. Almost Coen Brothers-esque. That’s probably because the director of this movie is a bit of a wildcard himself. I won’t tell you his name, but it rhymes with Gulliver Drone. Sort of. Okay, fine. I will tell you the director’s name.

Oliver Stone.

No, it’s not JFK. But because that really narrows it down, let’s just roll out the rest of the cast and let the chips fall where they may.

Marley Shelton.

The indomitable Ellen Burstyn.

The remarkable Elizabeth Banks.

And good ol’ boy Josh Brolin.

And the flick is…W.


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Texas born and raised but Miami is my current home. I like sharp edges, especially when they're on people. Eternally searching for the best omelette, the best roller coaster and the best adult animation.

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