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Name That Flick: Alfre Woodard Edition

Helloooooo friends! Welcome back to Name That Flick, the only game show with no prizes! Except pride. You are the contestant and pride is your boon. Wear it well.

Or don’t wear it at all because this is a toughie. The way we do it ’round these parts is I list actors and you name the movie. It’s not difficult in theory, but when the randos start a-flyin’ it gets tough.

This week I bid you bonne chance. You’re gonna need it.

We begin with the legendary Academy Award winning actor Alfre Woodard.

I’d be shitting a brick if I was that lion. Next we have DJ Qualls.

Beloved character actor Glenn Morshower.

And Academy Award nominee Delroy Lindo. His greatest performance may have been in Da 5 Bloods, but he slays me with his role in Get Shorty. Just magical. (Hint: this is neither of those movies.)

Hollywood stalwart Bruce Greenwood.

Academy Award nominee Richard Jenkins.

Academy Award nominee and beloved, evolved, low-key hunk Stanley Tucci.

That’s probably enough to figure it out, right? I’ve been going heavy on the number of awards this cast has won, but I’ll give you a hint: this is not an Oscar-style movie we’re talking about here.

Okay fine, last two actors! Errrrybody ready?

Oscar winner Hilary Swank

…and Aaron Eckhardt.

Of course you know this one! It was on the tip of your tongue the whole time!

I’ll take OBSCURE CINEMA for 1000, Alex. (Awww R.I.P. Alex Trebek – what will happen to these references???)

What is….

The Core

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Texas born and raised but Miami is my current home. I like sharp edges, especially when they're on people. Eternally searching for the best omelette, the best roller coaster and the best adult animation.

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