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MCU Design, James Bond, Kung Fu, and Other Internet Rabbit Holes

The next James Bond movie, No Time To Die, is coming out on October 8th, 2021. Here are all the Bond films, ranked for your pleasure. (Popcorn Cinema Show)

Is Amy Adams crazy in The Woman in the Window or nah? We’ll all be able to find out on Netflix on May 14th.

Is The Great Pottery Throw Down The Most Relaxing Show On TV? (NPR)

How Prince Philip (RIP) saved Goldfinger. (Esquire)

Here’s one of the more odd and jarring pivots around the passing of the Duke of Edinburgh.

Some insight into royal titles and why Prince Philip was never king. (Distractify)

It’s going to be lost in much of the coverage of the passing of Prince Philip, but rapper DMX passed away today at the age of 50. (Rolling Stone)

Here’s a great Twitter Thread about him:

You can listen to all of DMX’s albums here: (Tidal)

Former SNL writer Anne Beatts died on Wednesday, April 7th. Just a week before her death at 74, she was as bright and funny as ever. (Vulture)

How a drought in 2019 led to the discovery of megaliths at the edge of a reservoir now dubbed the “Spanish Stonehenge” (My Modern Met)

Visit the NYC design firm that’s secretly responsible for all the cool interfaces we see in the MCU (Core 77)

I’m a couple books behind on The Dresden Files, but Peace Talks and Battle Ground — both published in 2020 — are on my nightstand. (Support local bookstores!) I caught a few episodes of The Dresden Files TV show from 2008 and went in expecting to hate it. Thought it doesn’t have the depth and worldbuilding of the books, I was pleasantly surprised by Paul Blackthorne, who plays Harry Dresden.

The Dresden Files

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Here’s the piece on Furio’s cool-ass shirts on The Sopranos that you never knew you wanted or needed. (GQ)

The first teaser for the 11th season of The Walking Dead is out. It’s set to premiere August 11th. (AMC)

How to grow an avocado tree from an avocado pit. (InHabitat)

Indiana Jones 5 adds Phoebe Waller-Bridge to its cast. (Slashfilm)

Fortnite 6″ Figures Revealed At Hasbro Pulse Fan Fest. (Bleeding Cool)

Tom Holland has been a busy man and his plate just got more full with a new series for Apple TV+ where he’ll play the first man to ever get acquitted for having dissociative identity disorder. (The Gamer)

The longed-for Mass Effect Legendary Edition unfortunately won’t come with a Multiplayer component. (Screen Rant)

Weekend Project: Celebrate Thai New Year With This Fiery Basil Stir Fry Recipe. Damn that looks good. (Thrillist)

The CW’s take on the classic hit Kung Fu premiered on Wednesday, providing the best Wednesday ratings for the CW in 7 years. (Pajiba)

Outriders review: “Fun, Foul-Mouthed and rough around the edges.” (Games Radar)

Here’s a look at some of the wacky meals that people ate during the pandemic. (Mic)

WandaVision was a surprise hit, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier seems more mainstream Marvel but somehow less interesting? But Loki? Loki could really take the top off the MCU. (Geek Girl Authority)

Here’s a write-up on one of the coolest heist movies you’ve never heard of. (Uproxx)

What makes a great film company logo?

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