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Pregnant Nas X, NSFW Waffles, Asian Clark Gable, and Other Rabbit Holes

No, it’s absolutely not a good time to discuss He’s All That 2. No one asked for the first one even. (Screen Rant)

Students played a Bart Simpson-esque prank during a Virginia school board meeting, turning in names like Suk Mahdik and Phil McCracken. Call me old fashioned, but I love good juvenile hijinks. (Complex)

What is the infamous Midwestern treasure Blue Moon ice cream? According to this, it’s everything. (Atlas Obscura)

The Questlove Supreme podcast is where legends and legends-to-be come to hang out. (Plex)

We’re growing an extra WHAT? Go home, science. You’re drunk. (Science Alert)

I’m not saying “stepping out in baggy sweats sans boyfriend John Mulaney” and eating an onion ring is evidence you’re pregnant, but I swear if Olivia Munn is having Mulaney’s baby I’m going to go on another rant about that whole mess and no one wants that. (Page Six)

Justin Theroux takes off his shirt when he sleeps on the plane and while that’s not normal, I’m not mad at it. (Pajiba)

Elton John fanboys over BTS and is releasing a new album, The Lockdown Sessions, on October 22 featuring Rina Sawayama, Lil Nas X, Charlie Puth, Nicki Minaj, Stevie Wonder, and Stevie Nicks. (ET Canada)

On one hand, this is extremely sweet and romantic and on the other hand, I think she should have kept running.

Name a better food duo than kimchi and sticky rice. (TikTok)

Lora Webster is five months pregnant with her fourth child and a sitting volleyball player at the Tokyo Paralympics. I’m still tired from being pregnant once seven years ago. (Honolulu Star-Advertiser)

John Oliver’s art collection is going on tour and just as you expected, it’s all for a good cause. (Paste)

After 20 years in the making, Universal Studios’ theme park in Beijing is officially opening September 20th. I can’t wait to not take my kid here either. (South China Morning Post)

A big mazal tov to Lil Nas X whose “industry baby” album, Montero, is due September 17. (The Wrap)

It was inevitable for Nerds candy and Dungeons and Dragons to unite for “this taste of adventure” that unlocks some exclusive gameplay and early onset diabetes. (Adweek)

“Asia’s Clark Gable” Tony Leung is an American and Chinese legend and killing it (I believe literally) in Marvel’s latest film, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. (GQ)

Full disclosure, I don’t know what the hell The Jesus Rolls is about but I love it thanks to this cast. (Plex)

The Jesus Rolls

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ABBA’s reuniting after 40 years with two new singles out and a tour coming up. The earth is healing. (Rolling Stone)

Meanwhile, brush up on ABBA classics with this playlist. (Plex)

I know the world is burning down, but my God, look at Oscar Isaac as Duke Leto Atreides and Josh Brolin as Gurney Halleck in Dune. At least the end is going to be beautiful. (Pajiba)

This high-end odor zapper from Bosch works well enough, but if it doesn’t mean the end of me doing laundry, I don’t see the point of paying over 300 dollars for it. (Engadget)

Notorious arch-nemeses Kanye West and Drake both released albums featuring some of the same people, inspiring some memes.

Besides having to roll and butter each little piece of dough individually, this cinnamon sugar pull-apart muffin looks easy and damn delicious.

Stefanos Tsitsipas was booed at the US Open for taking an eight-minute bathroom break. It’s not his fault. You go on Instagram for one second and next thing you know, it’s midnight. (CNN)

Did kale write this? (Inside Edition)

Chessboxing is a combination of everything I hate, working my mind and body.

“Sex sells” works even on waffles. Zizi Factory is a waffle parlor (that’s a thing?) in London selling NSFW waffle treats with all kinds of toppings, including a hard pink shell. (Nerdist)

How are Katy Rex’s chicken wire yard ghosts not in MOMA?

Retro gaming console Polymega is going to start shipping on September 12. Old is the new new, I always say (to myself on my birthdays). (Polygon)

“Most badass drummer in the world” Nandi Bushell performed with The Foo Fighters at The Forum. She is incredible and Dave Grohl is a mensch. (My Modern Met)

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