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Black Widow Lego, Mac-n-Cheese Ice Cream, Shark Week, and Other Rabbit Holes

Plex is really doing too much for Shark Week with titles like Sharks of the Corn and Raiders of the Lost Shark and, my favorite, Shark Exorcist, streaming for free. (Plex)

Ask and you shall receive. Behold, the Kraft Mac-n-Cheese Ice Cream. (Eater)

A new dark comedy based on a super creepy true story stars Paul Rudd and Will Ferrell. Get all the therapy you can now because you won’t trust your therapist after this. (Deadline)

I’m going to get pregnant just to take these maternity photos like DaniLeigh.

Finally someone is speaking up about things that really matter: the hot dog-to-bun ratio. (Pajiba)

I wish I had the same passion this 33-year-old “speedrunner” playing Super Mario Bros. 3 has. (Macleans)

Is this Lego remake of Black Widow trailer supposed to be adorable? I’m sold. (Nerdist)

The rich people who didn’t go up into space (yet) are instead going on a 132-night world cruise for $73,499 to $199,999 per person. I have so many questions. (NPR)

Ashanti is the best and I will die on this hill. (Plex)

As a very short person, I am looking forward to this trend of giant platform heels taking off thanks to the legend Olivia Rodrigo. (In Style)

Apparently the U.S. Army has a warehouse full of Nazi art. (The New Yorker)

The berry leather with sumac sugar looks so good I’m tempted to actually make it. (The Guardian)

Black Widow Lego trailer, cute. Actual Lego gun, not cute. (Washington Post)

How many movies need to come out before people learn not to buy a Chucky doll at a garage sale? Obvs he’s possessed. The cute little demon has his own series by SYFY and USA Network coming October 12.

How has French toast waffles not occurred to me before? Mind blown. (TikTok)

We don’t deserve Italians. First they give us pizza and now this, a stack of drawers that turn into a spiral staircase. (Core 77)

Tennis pro Naomi Osaka is now in Barbie form. (My Modern Met)

Lombard Street in San Francisco is really beautiful and fun in theory

I hope using AI is not going to become a trend to make dead people say things they didn’t. We already had enough good, real material from Anthony Bourdain. (Variety)

I’m listening to the How to Save a Planet podcast because I live in California and I’m really done with these wildfires. (Plex)

“You’re making me feel like I ain’t shit right now.” This is exactly how I feel watching these kitchen organizing TikToks.

As a Leo, I feel personally attacked by this.

I can’t believe we’re still having “firsts” for women but an MLB game will be called entirely by women. (New York Times)

The humongous woman from the new Resident Evil is a major – what do the kids these days say – thirst trap. (Slate)

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