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Thor Benander

Thor is the Editor-in-Chief of The Gist and a father of four. He's a lover of ancient history, Greek food and sports. He misses traveling and thinks that if libraries were the center of American society, many things would improve overnight. You can hit him up at [email protected]


If you needed any more reason to root for Cary Fukunaga outside of his obvious, remarkable talent, now you have one.


No one knows the meaning of life for sure, but human beings have the ability to sense when they’re experiencing true, life-altering beauty. We...


When Apple TV launched its television shingle, it bet on some pretty big properties. Names like Justin Timberlake in Palmer and Jason Momoa’s dystopian...


If there’s one lasting phenomenon that unifies the people of the developed world coming out of this pandemic it’s Zoom fatigue. The nearly omnipresent...